First Makeup Workshop of 2017

Well, we did it. We sold out our first class of 2017. Veronica and I would like to thank everyone who attended the workshops. You ladies did an amazing job!

It is always so refreshing to see the rainbow of women that attend our workshops, and at the cost of sounding a little sappy, it really does give us a warm feeling to know we helped this group go out into the world empowered with the knowledge of how to look and feel their personal best.

On a personal note, December was not the easiest month to have our workshops. Without getting into the details, some renovations and changes had to be made which resulted in canceling the last 2 workshops of 2016. Fortunately for us, this built up some anticipation for our next workshop!

We worked diligently through January to give our space a facelift and gear up for an amazing 2017 class lineup. We hope to continue being the go to resource for no nonsense makeup education. Truly a place where makeup is demystified.

Can you believe year to date, we are up to over 700 students taught?! Now that is empowering!

I am looking forward to meeting all the new faces of 2017. Whether you want to take this class for yourself, your daughter or perhaps you are an aspiring artist, this class will change how you approach makeup and make you smile with confidence when you put on an educated makeup application.


Happy Painting,



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