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ALICIA GUEVARA has been doing makeup & hair in the television and film industry for over 18 years. Her list of published work includes national ads, commercials and editorials in magazines such as SEVENTEEN, MARIE CLAIRE, WOMAN’S DAY & FIRST. Alicia has a diverse group of clients from tele novella stars to international celebrities and public figures. Her complete repertoire for makeup and hair includes image consulting, makeup for commercial, print, television, film, theater, airbrushing and special effects makeup.

Alicia is a published author of a makeup instructional series of books aptly titled, Makeup Sensei. She enjoys sharing her tips and beauty techniques and has apprenticed over 100 up and coming artists and established artists. She has taught over 700 beginner students in her makeup workshops available to the public called The Self Application Makeup Workshop. Her workshops were so successful that a Noble House accredited Resort recruited her to be the featured artist of their Flawless Beauty Weekend, where guests would attend several seminars and workshops taught by Alicia. She is also the “go-to” for television networks when the need for image in beauty and makeup instruction is wanted at the news stations for on air camera talent.

Alicia is the creator of THE MAKEUP BOX and wanted to create a non intimidating place for all ages to learn the proper way to apply makeup and gain knowledge about products so they could make educated decisions when buying in an overly saturated beauty market.

To contact Alicia directly, email her at Alicia@themakeupbox.us




VERONICA GUERRERO is an esthetician/makeup artist in San Antonio, Texas.Her background/education was acquired at the Aveda institute of San Antonio,Texas. Inspired and motivated in helping others, Veronica thrives on the perfections and imperfections of beauty. She has a sharp attention to detail and specializes on perfecting brows to compliment the face. Her focus is on balancing the skin to create confidence, lives for glamor and is best known for “edgy” looks to help women of all ages feel unstoppable or more like themselves. She loves the self assurance her clients express after a one on one makeup session at her artistic hands. Although there are many talents this artist possesses, without a doubt eye focus is Veronica’s gift.




MARIA GOMEZ es una artista autodidacta del maquillaje, apasionada de su arte. Desde muy pequeña el mundo del maquillaje y el arte le despertaron curiosidad. Comenzó sus estudios en la Universidad de Arquitectura en Monterrey, México, pero descubrió que esta no era su pasión. Años despues, su don como maquillista empezo a despertar con más fuerza, hasta que decidió que eso estaba hecho para ella y lo convirtió en su forma de vida, su trabajo, su pasión… En definitiva a lo que quería dedicarse el resto de su vida.

Maria Gomez ha empleado sus conocimientos adquiridos de la maquilladora de celebridades Alicia Guevara y a colaborado por dos años al lado de ella en imágenes de catálogos, editoriales, videoclips, televisión, pasarelas y novias, por lo cual la búsqueda de la perfección y de realzar la belleza la convierten en la artista pricipal de la compañía de producción: The professionals makeup + hair+ image.

Para Maria nunca se deja de soñar, aprender, esta profesión está en continuo desarrollo y hay que estar renovándose continuamente.